Womb Clearing & Reconnection | FREE

Have you felt disconnected from your creative energy?

Do you feel resentment about your monthly cycle?

Are you having a hard time tuning in to your womb wisdom?

This free resource is for you!

Your womb is your creative center - not only for creative babies, but for creating anything and everything, from arts and crafts, to a project for work. The creative energy to create your life how you desire is centered in your wombspace.

In our culture, it's easy to become disconnected from our wombs. It's not uncommon to feel resentment or dread about menstruation, and to feel like a victim to the cycles of the womb.

But when we are balanced in our womb's energy and feel really connected, we can unleash our creative energy on a new level, and bring forward so much passion into our creative pursuits.

I've created this simple guided visualization to support you in clearing negative energies, emotions, and limiting beliefs toward your womb, and to aid in reconnecting with your womb wisdom and creative energy.

What you get:

Journal prompts: handy printable prompts to put name to your feelings, beliefs, and blocks. Bring this to your awareness in order to shift it.

Guided visualization audio track: this guided visualization is set to beautiful, relaxing music to support you in reconnecting with your womb's creative energy.

Megan wears glasses and smiles while looking at the camera

Who am I: I'm Megan, an Intuitive Energy Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, and mom of four. I help women show up in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood feeling more confident, connected, and centered. I love to help moms like you let go of fears and limiting beliefs, release energy blocks, reconnect with their inner knowing and womb wisdom, clear out feminine wounding, and embrace the feminine divine.

If you're ready to look inward and start to reconnect with your wombspace, then this free resource is for you.

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