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Hello! I'm Megan and I'm an Intuitive Energy Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, and a fellow Mom. I can help you align your mindset, emotions, and energetics with feeling confident, connected, and centered for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood.

You are the steward of your energy and your being and you get to decide what stays and what you let go of. You are not a victim to these issues!

The first step to letting go and shifting into empowerment is awareness, because we can't heal what we can't see. So that's where I come in, as a compassionate, unbiased outside party to bring these things to light, and then guide you through clearing it out in a gentle, graceful, supportive way.

YES! I'm Ready!

What you can expect in a session:

  • We connect remotely via Zoom video conference app, or a phone call.
  • We first ground ourselves with visualization and allow ourselves to feel present in the session.
  • We set our intention for what issue you desire to let go of and work on, and what you are desiring to open up to creating, getting clear on what is top priority for your greatest and highest good at this time.
  • I act as a detective to examine and bring to light the underlying causes which are playing in to creating this issue. These could be limiting beliefs you've taken on from past experiences, or emotions that are "trapped" because they haven't been fully processed, or other energetic imbalances.
  • Once we are conscious of what's causing the issue, we clear it out using the power of our intention plus visualization, EFT tapping, or other clearing techniques.

If you're ready to step into empowerment for birth and motherhood, click Book Now to book your 1:1 session!

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