Finding Peace With the Unknowns of Birth

Do you worry about the unknowns of your upcoming birth?

Are you staying up at night worrying about the things you can't control?

Are you worried about how you'll navigate your birth journey if something unexpected happens?

Sometimes you can’t control or plan everything in life or in birth, but you can find empowerment in focusing on what does lie within your circle of influence, in other words what actually is within your power and stewardship. Learn the things you need to learn, write your birth preferences, read the books, make the big decisions.

Then beyond that, you can let go of the need to control and fears of the unknown in order to more easily lean into flexibility and intuition to guide our journey.

This group energy clearing session can support you in this process!

Intention: Let go of rigidity, the need to control, and fears of the unknown in order to navigate the unknowns of your birth journey with more flow, acceptance, and flexibility.

What to expect: This group energy clearing session uses guided symbolic imagery to support you in letting go of fears, negative energies, and limiting beliefs surrounding the topic for this session. In addition to visualization, this session may include EFT tapping, affirmations, grounding, and deep breathing.

What you get: A pre-recorded group energy clearing session video on the topic of feeling peace with the unknowns in birth. The session is just under 30 minutes long and you can listen at your own convenience, and you may repeat it as needed to go deeper each time.

Megan wears glasses and smiles while looking at the camera

Who am I: I'm Megan, an Intuitive Energy Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, and mom of 4. I help women let go of fears and limiting beliefs so you can show up in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood feeling more confident, connected, and centered.

It's time to step into empowerment to navigate your birth feeling more at peace with the unknowns! I'm excited for you to get started! This group energy clearing session is done by donation, so you can get access to it by clicking "Buy Now" and choosing your donation.

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